Idle No More – Where Do We Go From Here..?

I feel it is very important that we have better communication and more teach-ins, town hall discussions and meetings for Idle No More (INM).

I feel that with more organizing of this nature, we can focus on education and building more consensus and unification. Creating a plan codifying and addressing issues encompassing our main goals; more of an organizational structure to help us decide on a more unified voice and direction.

One that we will want to share outwards with the general public and media to help counteract the racist, biased reporting in mainstream media, currently dominating the news and skewing what INM is really about.

We can then use that plan/structure to reach out to the larger grassroots, that this is the way forward that we are proposing for us to embrace to accomplish our mutual goals in INM and from there we can plan and organize future events to implement them.

I understand it can be a fine line between getting bogged down in structure and control, like the old out-dated patriarchal/colonial structures and that this is not something we want INM to get caught up in.

Yet I feel strongly about us having enough in place to help unify and direct us for the common good of all involved at the grassroots level… and for all people, so we can make the best progress, effectively and efficiently and reach the widest audience possible with where we want INM to go, in better hopes of achieving our mutual goals.

I believe with the gatherings giving voice to all people, sharing our energy and passion, and especially with sacred ceremony at the start, a clear way forward can and certainly will be achieved.


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