The Journey Of Nishiyuu ~ Getting Closer

Check it out—->  The Journey Of Nishiyuu ~ Getting Closer.

These youth are so inspiring! 🙂 I love the Teachings from their blog #idlenomore: 



According to our (Cree) legends, in a time before humans came to being, all creatures in the natural Kingdom foresaw the birth of a new species that would one day roam the Earth. They referred to this new species as “Nishiyuu”, which literally means human beings. However, the term has a complex and much deeper meaning, which include the interconnectedness of all life, as well as the oneness of time within which all life begins and ends. Since time immemorial, we have called ourselves “Nishiyuu” (human beings) as we still do today, to distinguish ourselves from our relatives in the Natural Kingdom. The term could be said to include reference to all humanity. DEFINITION OF WARRIOR: (Kinwhapmackin) Kinwhapmackin is a person with leadership qualities, who sacrifices themselves for the betterment of others, protecting the people, culture, heritage, and land. Ensures promising future for present and generations to come. They are the carriers and are guided by the teachings of Courage, Honesty, Humility, Compassion, Respect, Sharing, and Wisdom.

Souchayimuwiin / Courage Taabwaaoushiiwiin

Honesty Dibtaiimuwiin / Humility

Souwaayiichiichaawiin / Compassion

Chishtaiimiiduuwin / Respect

Naanahwiikaaduuwiin / Sharing

Kaachaataawaayiitaamuwiin / Wisdom

Source:  Cree Trappers Associations, Eeyou Hunting Law



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