Compassion… a warm safe place… a haven. #poem #suicide



<This was a poem I wrote for a friend who’s daughter had just committed suicide – with some minor edits> 

Compassion is said to be a noun. A noun: a person, place or thing. I guess its definition is that of a thing… but can an emotion be a thing?

I like to think of compassion as a place… a warm, safe place… a haven. A steady firm, grounded place… where one can rest; rest your weary bones… rest your troubled, heavy head… when you feel so alone that you’d rather be dead… this is the place of calm in the storm… when your pain is too much… and there’s no more you can take… and you feel you can’t go on.

It’s a place that is always available. A place that goes on for you when you feel so blue and so low… that you don’t know what to do nor where to go… when you can’t move a muscle, not even a finger… this safe place of compassion marches on for you when you just can’t continue on.

It will embrace you… fully… in its soft, all-encompassing, comforting, soothing angel wings… enveloping and warmly blanketing your pain and safely containing your bottomless sorrow… so there can be another tomorrow.

Let the emotions flow like mother ocean ebbs and flows – flow, gush, spout, spurt, run, teem, trickle, drop, drip… drip… drip… or maybe it can’t quite flow so easily and will come out as an ice floe… frozen and slooooooow. It doesn’t matter which way it gooooes… so long as it floooows… release it all… keeping it moving… moving… moving… shifting… transforming… moving… out and away.

You are not alone. All is not lost. There are people that care and are sending their supportive and caring prayers and thoughts. There is a glimmer of hope and sunshine enough for another day… although right now you might feel you can’t find a way… there will be another day… there will be a another way.

Hang on… don’t let go… stay in the supportive shelter of compassion – I offer you this strong, nurturing structure of love and of all things good… to hold you until a time when you can hold yourself again. Surrender to this container… all that you need to hand over… for now… and another day will dawn when you are not feeling so badly… and you can continue on.

~By Clear Wind Blows over the Moon aka @indigorave on twitter.

©2012 Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon


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