Our World Has Got To Change ~ ~ ~ #poem #cdnpoli #idlenomore

Our World Has Got to Change

<<written in October 2012 – **warning: profanity**>>

high price to pay when the truth gets in the way

government corruption rules while keepin the public fools

keep swallowing spoonfed mass media/PR

taking flu vaccines that give you autism and epstein barr

keep on buying into their golden rule

might is right, so keep it cruel

wanting control, of your soul… taking its toll

dictating what you can buy, what you can grow, what you can’t reap and where you can sow

monsanto GMO seeds that self destruct; look at our food chain… it’s royally fucked!

making anything healthy and good for you, illegal… and anything toxic and sickening, falsely regal

here’s the deal; the economy’s not even real – money printed outta thin air

the 1% get richer and they’re not willing to share

shake your head and try to get wise… don’t buy into their fucking lies

fight for your right to choose your own way… eating foods that are good and hoping for a better day

a world where life is valued and no one is starved… and human rights mean something and a living is carved…

based on the gifts you brought to this earth… your piece of the puzzle, only you can birth

God put me on this earth for a reason, you see… not to run on the debt gerbil wheel, endlessly…

but to live each day fully and free… helping others happily

so take note that it’s all gonna end… this crazy world can’t continue to descend…

the old world institutions are all gonna die; the stock market, banks and huge corps gonna fry

at first there’ll be chaos and people will be lost…

the price we gotta pay; that’s the cost

but we’re gonna rebuild this world better than ever before…

build it on Truth, Peace and Love; not War.

cuz karma’s a bitch, gonna even the score

us 99% – we’re gonna have more!

cuz a roof overhead shouldn’t be a luxury

every human life’s gotta be valued, they’ll see

everyone’s gonna contribute their gifts to the whole

our new world – it’s gonna have soul!

~By Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon aka @indigorave on twitter.

©2012 Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon


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