Pedophile priests’ creepy play #poem #humantrafficking in Canada


Human Trafficking

turning tricks in the bathroom stall

crackhead leanin up against the wall

reek of desperation, repulsing toll

dealers try pushin right through your soul

cycle of destruction spinnin outta control

ending miserable existence the only goal

total loss of human dignity wins

priest condemns you for your terrible sins

but the pedophile priests’ creepy play

are kept under wraps, hidden away

as long as possible till comin to light of day

the church’s double standard, the only say

the pedophile priest’s crimes are blown away

as a dalliance worth a slap on the wrists

swept underneath their pristine carpets

along with the dark and unholy secrets

and the forsaken choir boy’s innocent spirits

laid to rest, in their sunday best

the ultimate price for human flesh

disposable lives; society’s shame

scapegoat the suffering with their scorn n’ blame

people don’t choose to live this way

people don’t choose to die in vain

people are a product of their environment

suffering trapped in the cycle long for retirement

of their painful ways they live out their days

people act out what they know

as a way to tell, a way to show

that this is real and happening now

I say these truths to you, to this I avow

here in Canada there are pedophile rings

here in Canada many human traffickings

people like to think it’s only happening – over there

people need to be-come more aware

of the dark secrets in our own backyard

oh Canada I stand on guard

cuz as long as we ignore these crimes of shame

as long as we pretend it’s not happ-en-ing

and instead we only blame the suffering

kicking the downtrodden who are struggling

we keep the truth so damn well hidden

feeding the fire of crime unbidden

through our denial we fan its flames

through our denial we support the underground’s games

and the innocent children are the ones that die

the innocent children who you don’t hear cry

the innocent children that don’t have a voice

the innocent children that don’t have a choice


©2013 Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon


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