The Ideal World

The ideal world I see is one where people live in harmony – which each other and all creatures, honouring the earth, honouring each other.

A place where people openly care for each other and don’t hesitate to show it… and all are supported in the community regardless.

A place where all people have access to the basics of life – safe, clean, good, water and healthy safe non-gmo food, safe clean air, good, affordable housing… and access to a good affordable or free education.

A world where there is acceptance and tolerance and all people are free to express who they are, however they want to… in myriad forms of creative self expression.

A world where there is no such thing as war or abuse – no verbal, mental, emotional, spiritual, ritual or sexual abuse.

A world where people don’t value money and appearance as being so important. Where people are real and don’t wear masks and/or play games.

Where religion is moot. Where no one even thinks to see the colour of a person’s skin. A world wherein all people are celebrated for who they are; and differences are embraced and valued for keeping life interesting and our world diverse.

A world where people grow old forever holding on to a beginner’s mind – always open to learning and knowing that each person on the planet has something unique that only they can teach and share.

A world like this to me… would be bringing the concept of heaven on earth, into being. If I lived in this kind of world, I wouldn’t feel the longing to go home to spirit as often… to the oneness of creation… to my pure self… as I do now.

I’d already be living out my soul purpose, living in my spirit self every day, enjoying and acknowledging the pure spirit self of my fellow human beings too… as we celebrate life and beingness; the gift of living in a body and all that offers us, each and every day together… honouring mother earth and enjoying nature and the precious sacredness that this life is.

©2013 Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon


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