To Those That Were at the TO #HonourTheApology Gathering

I have not forgotten about the letter for the government that I am to write as a template for people to print, sign and send in.  Please know it will be forthcoming.

I have been working on a poem about this issue… and crafting a letter to the CBC to complain about their twisted report of our event on the 6 o’clock news wherein they said FN (First Nations) were upset with the government for giving vitamins to malnourished FN kids.  Making out the government was trying to help our people.

Totally ignoring the fact that children were starving and the government knowingly kept them starving so they could carry out their medical experiments on them, using them as guinea pigs… and the list goes on…

I have been mulling it over.  I take the many issues around Indian Residential School very seriously and I don’t want to just churn my work out on these critical issues that are so close to my heart.

Thus please know my intention is still there to write a template letter and once I do, I will be posting it here on my blog and on social media – twitter.

Please stay tuned.


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