History repeats itself #HonourTheApology #INM #IdleNoMore

Harper claims there are no documents relating to the Mike Duffy situation that the PMO can release for the investigation.

Harper refused to release the Indian Residential School documents to the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission).

History repeats itself.

So the documents had to be court ordered before the Harper government would comply – but of course, the Harper government claims it will take them ten long years to release these court ordered documents.

How convenient this is, especially after mandating the TRC to complete their report on Indian Residential School atrocities by 2014!

Another tactic to ensure that the accurate history of Canada is NEVER recorded.

A pitiful excuse to try to back up an equally pitiful and hollow apology.

I know that sadly the report will be done and touted as a great accomplishment. I know that the majority of people, people like the 70,000 that marched in BC recently in support of the TRC will mostly think that the TRC did the job they set out to do. I know that most of Canada will believe that now the report is done, First Nations people should be satisfied, forgive and move on from the past.

There can be no reconciliation without the truth. There can be no forgiveness without the truth. One cannot forgive what they do not know.

First Nations people, my people, cannot heal until they know what they are healing from. These crimes and abuses should have never happened against innocent children in Indian Residential Schools. It is long over due that the government release the documents so that an accurate history of the crimes and abuses committed in Indian Residential Schools against innocent First Nations, Métis and Inuit children are accurately recorded once and for all.

To enable healing for all survivors of these institutions, healing for all inter-generational survivors of these institutions. For all Canadians to look at, embrace and help all of Canada to heal from this painful history.

I deal with this every day. I lived through horrific abuse at the hands of my parent, an Indian Residential School survivor, and yet it seems that every time I think I am ready to completely forgive him I am flooded with new memories of other abuses done to me by him, and I have a whole new level of work to do to process it through so that I can heal from it.

There can be no reconciliation without the truth. There can be no forgiveness without the truth. One cannot forgive what they do not know.

Demand the Harper government release the documents to the TRC NOW and make them Honour The Apology!


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