Pumpkin Orange and Crimson Leaves 

Compliment Strikingly Against Deepening Indigo Blue

The Big Dipper and the North Star


Venus Dances Brilliantly in the Eastern Sky

Never Shy

Can You Hear Her Twinkling?

Jupiter Winks


Crisp     Clean     Cold

Fall Night

Once I Am Cozy Again


I Smile to Smell

Your Fresh Breath

Still in My Hair

©2013 Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dianne Ferris
    Oct 24, 2013 @ 13:30:18

    I’m happy to have found your website by your posting of the the article written in support of First Nations stand in N.B. against fracking. [Rex’s poor article]. I totally agree and support any stands against the harming of our environment. I too am a writer/poet and of course, have what I refer to as a Heinz 57 ancestry. Proud of all…including the native link my Grandmother told me about and which I’m still trying to prove. The search has been a long one, for many, many moons from my youth and I wonder many times if I will find the records, covered up by the ‘white’ side of our family and not kept accurately by the Government of Canada. Take care my friend and keep writing.


  2. Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon
    Oct 25, 2013 @ 01:42:40

    Thank you.

    Yes, may documents relevant to tracing one’s First Nations history are hard to come by. The Canadian government did a very poor job of managing them and still does.

    E.g. Not releasing critical documents to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission so they can complete their report accurately on Indian Residential School history.
    They had to be court ordered to do so and say it will take them ten years to provide them; nine years after the report is due (mandated by them).

    Glad to have you as an ally in protecting our precious mother earth. 🙂


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