the silence of the night #poetry


the silence of the night



I feel it deep in my bones

unknown peace

in this hustle n bustle world

the wind blows softly

I hear its calls

rustling in amongst

tall dried weather worn grasses

water captured in stillness

moments frozen in time

for a time


the geese are gone

I miss their calls

I stand here

at this graveyard

of silenced honking

in prayer

honouring creation

in reverence for the land

for the ancestors of this land

I thank the ancestors for letting me use this land

I pray this sacred place in nature

and its creatures be protected

I’m surrounded

by magical snow

sparkling like diamonds

fluffy and light

layers upon layers cleansing the air

crisp clear night

the silence envelops me

in a grounding embrace

in this flash

of time

I surrender to all

I feel

I go deep inside

to that still center place

and I spend time there

with my true essence

just a few minutes

expanding out




time with my creator

thank you Great Spirit

for reminding me

of what really matters

for this place

for this glimpse of inner calm

this silent night


©2013 Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon


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