Freedom of Choice – Raw Dairy Appeal Update #raw #humanrights #cdnpoli

Raw Dairy Appeal Update 

I am so glad to see good coverage of this story in the news – I had written to about five main media outlets and I am happy to see about 8 articles in the news on this very important topic.

They say it will take about six months for the three panel judges to deliver a decision. I hope and pray my right to buy and consume raw dairy is acknowledged and protected. The health benefits of raw dairy are amazing.

I don’t like big brother government trying to tell me what I can do with my own body. It is my human right to live how I choose to and that includes ingesting raw dairy or any other kind of healthy food choice I make. I am not okay with the government deciding for me as though I am some child that can’t think and act for my own benefit. Ever since colonialism, the government has dictated what my First Nations ancestors had to do and enough is enough!

My choice to drink raw dairy doesn’t infringe on any other person’s human rights. It is unacceptable that the government is trying to force us into some kind of black market to obtain raw dairy! If they don’t want to make it available to the public, fine, but they have to allow me (and others like me) the right to own a cow and obtain products from said cow.


Schdmit’s lawyer made two major arguments at his appeal Wednesday — the first made a case that cow shares are not illegal while the second pointed out that the Charter of Rights includes “the right of individuals to make decisions pertaining to their own bodies and their own health.”

“Schmidt and consumers of raw milk are freely choosing to ingest raw milk to improve their health,” Schmidt’s lawyer Derek From said outside court. “Our ultimate goal is to have cow shares recognized as legal in Canada.”

Ontario’s lawyers countered that the law infringes neither Schmidt’s nor his customers’ charter rights.

Crown lawyer Shannon Chace further argued that Schmidt’s cow share program, although characterized as a private contractual program, was a risk to public health.

“The private cow share agreement is not in fact a private agreement at all,” she told the court. “There are very serious public ramifications…I can choose not to consume raw milk but can nevertheless contract an illness.”

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