Healing Ceremony on Hawk Hill in High Park

Tuesday was an intense day. When I finally got free of my responsibilities I went into High Park and without knowing it, I headed straight up to do ceremony on Hawk Hill.

I laid down tobacco and put up my intentions to Creator.

I called in the four directions, Father Sky, Mother Earth, and Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon.

I called in my guides.

I prayed for the ancestors of that land and gave thanks to them.

I drummed and prayed for the crimes of the over 800 missing and murdered indigenous women to be solved and that the truth will come out about it, and why this hasn‘t been done.

I prayed for the families and loved ones of these indigenous women.

I prayed that the Indian residential school documents get released immediately and that the truth comes out that the government has been covering up.

I prayed that First Nations get their own Assange or Snowden to expose the truth.

I prayed for the wars to stop.

I prayed for all of the violence to stop.

The violence and rape of our mother, Mother Earth.

I prayed for healing for our dear Mother Earth.

I gave thanks for her selfless support and sustenance she has given me and all people.

I prayed for healing for our oceans; the sacred waters.

I prayed for the creature beings and the winged ones.

I prayed for those suffering from natural disasters.

I drummed loud and long there on that hill.

The wind blew strong and cold and I had to hold on to my drum tight.

The birds were calling and squirrels were running about as the earth slowly was reawakening from the long bitter cold winter.

I felt the ancestors of that land and my ancestors come around to support me.

I drummed as I looked at a grove of Grandfather Trees that I had done sacred ceremony in last summer.

That day as I had drummed, people came around from all over and joined in our circle and it was magical.

I called in all that good energy from that day to join in and add strength to my prayers.

The love, healing and peace we all generated there, with all nations coming together in amongst that sacred grove of trees.

I drummed. I prayed. I drummed. I prayed. I drummed until it was time to end.

Then I collapsed right there and then, my drum on my chest, as I lay back on Mother Earth, my true mother.

I looked up at the blue sky through my tears of release and gratitude.

I asked mother earth to take away the pain.

I let go.

I lay there a long time and surrendered to Mother Earth as the freezing cold winds blew about me.

Spirit told me things have to get worse before they get better and not to lose heart.

That things will get a lot worse before they get better but that it is good as it is a sign that they are getting better.

Spirit said the old systems have to break down and dissolve so that a new and better way can come into being.

I arose from that sacred place, a different woman.

Restored and full of energy.

Thank you, Creator for hearing my prayers.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jeff Nguyen
    Apr 04, 2014 @ 22:45:54

    Beautifully expressed…thank you for sharing your stirring words.


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