Gardiner Museum Show to End Violence Against Women with images of my process in clay

Gardiner Museum Show to End Violence Against Women (with images of my process in clay)

I took part in a show at the Gardiner Museum some time back to help raise awareness and end violence against women.

It was for survivors of violence. We used clay to give creative expression to our voices.

I had never worked with clay before and found it very grounding. It was an intense process. I took pictures almost the whole way through the process that I want to share. Some are poor quality as they were on my cell – these were the raw ones of the clay I had just formed. I will let the rest of the images speak for themselves.

I created a Grandfather Sun, a Grandmother Moon to reflect my spirit name and a turtle to honour the life of the First Nations Elder/Healer who was very dear to me that recently passed away; to honour her life as she was of the turtle clan.

I opened the show by presenting and reading a statement about the violence I came from and about my father living through Indian residential school and the negative impacts that had on him, which in turn, he acted out on me as a child.

I spoke of how the cycle of violence ends with me.

I then talked about the over 800 missing and murdered indigenous women and girls that the Harper government refuses to do anything about. Then I drummed in honour of them.



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