We Are All Joined By Soul Sinews


All things are our relatives. What we do to everything, we do to ourselves. ~Black Elk 

This is a direct message to those that dump garbage – know that I see you… and to those that lash out with rage inflicting violence on another, and especially on the women… and to the extractive industries (mining, fracking, oil, et al) destroying our planet.

We are all connected by soul sinews.

When you judge me, you judge yourself.

When you lash out in anger and violence against me, you are lashing out in anger and violence against yourself.

When you try to shame or silence me, you are shaming and silencing yourself.

When you try to dictate and control how I life my life, you are dictating and controlling your own life.

When you rape Mother Earth, you rape your mother.

Don’t buy into colonial mind.

Don’t buy into might is right.

Don’t buy into greed and a belief in lack.

Don’t buy into judgement and gossip to put another down in an attempt to make yourself feel better.

Don’t buy into the limited mind set that there is only ‘one’ way to do something.

Don’t buy into your abuser’s mentality of the crab bucket keeping your brother or sister down so that no one can climb out.

Don’t buy into racism and sexism.

Don’t buy into selfishness.

I pray for all my enemies, all my abusers and all the leaders (including Harper).

We are connected and thus you are me and thus I have the very same capacity to put out negative energy and to do harm as you do… but the difference is, I choose not to.

You can choose too.

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