Artist statement for baby moccasin vamps I created #MMIW #HonourtheApology #WWOS


Below is my artist statement to go with these baby moccasin vamps I created: 


I feel deeply honoured to do this work to honour the babies and children that didn’t make it home from Indian Residential School.


This was my first time beading so it took me a while to figure it out and to teach myself what to do, calling on the ancestors for help.


I prayed while making them…


For the babies and children that were killed or died in Indian Residential School.


For the unborn babies from forced abortions, miscarriages, forced sterilizations, still births and for the girls that came home from Indian Residential School so damaged (physically or otherwise), they could not have children.


For the three babies that died in my childhood abuse; abuse that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Indian Residential School. This is the deepest pain I carry in this earth walk; I chose three colours to represent these three babies.


As I worked on these baby moccasin vamps, I shed tears as I spoke to all of them in spirit and let them know their lives are sacred and we honour them, we love them and we will never forget them.


They reside in our hearts, thus why I chose a heart as my central design. The blue arch is like a big hug and the white beads are like the little spirits that are in heaven.


Each stitch, each bead, each hole through the suede was a prayer.


There are 4 elements to the design, the three parts done in different coloured beads and the unfinished bottom. 4 represents the 4 directions, 4 parts of the medicine wheel, 4 stages of life (child, youth, adult and Elder), 4 seasons, 4 elements (earth, air, water and fire), 4 races of people (red, yellow, black and white) and 4 divisions of time (day, night, month and year).


The 4 elements of the design plus the 3 colours = 7. 7 is a sacred number as it represents the 4 directions and father sky, mother earth and the place of center; the heart that resides within.


I left the bottoms open and unfinished to represent the unfinished lives of these babies and the children that didn’t come home.




I pray for the Indian residential school survivors and their families as we work hard to recover from the devastating effects of colonialism. I pray that all the documents be released and that the entire truth comes out about what was done, and the links from these government institutions to crimes done and that are still happening today, all come to light and that it stops now.


I pray for the over 1,186 MMIWG (missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls) that the government is not willing to do anything about. I pray the entire truth comes out, including the corruption and cover ups that have enabled our sisters to be stolen. This continues today, with more and more being taken all the time and it has to stop now!


I pray for the stolen children and babies; those taken by the government and placed into foster care in the sixties scoop and since, and for the ones that are still being taken today by CFS (child and family services) in the guise of help. I pray that the entire truth comes out and that our families be restored.


I pray that the links between all of the above and the government’s ongoing agenda to genocide our people are all exposed and that it ends now.


I pray for the families of the Indian Residential School survivors and the families of the 1,186 missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls and the families of the foster children that have been stolen.


While I worked I prayed for all of the souls impacted by the above to be at peace. I prayed that any lost souls know it is their birthright to go home to the light regardless of the lies that were taught in Indian Residential School to the contrary. I prayed they go home and that they are all at peace.


~Clear Wind blows over the Moon


This photo shows the size:

baby moccasin tops size


You can read more about this beautiful and sacred gathering here:—robinson


This commemorative art installation will be travelling across Canada the next few years – check out the ‘exhibit tour’ page here to see when it may be near your city:



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