It’s Alzheimer Awareness Month – Join the campaign – Selfies to end ALZ.

It’s Alzheimer Awareness Month.

Help spread the word – literally. I did!

Here’s mine! I’m not info selfies so I am using animal selfies instead.

‪#‎SelfiesToEndALZ‬ ‪#‎ARewordingLife‬


Bedlam: noun 1. a scene or state of wild uproar and confusion. 2. Archaic. an insane asylum or madhouse. Origin 1529


Whelk: noun 1. a pimple or pustule. Origin before 1000; Middle English whelke, Old English hwylca, hwelca; akin to wheal

any of several large, spiral-shelled, marine gastropods of the family Buccinidae, especially Buccinum undatum, that is used for food in Europe. Origin – before 900; late Middle English, aspirated variant of Middle English welk, Old English weoloc

bear selfie w alz word elk selfie w word whelk film border bold


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