1200 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada – Not High on Harper’s Radar #MMIWG

I don’t know that an inquiry will tell us anymore than what all the other studies have already told us – it all comes down to the colonial mind that pervades and rules Canada – in our government, the huge dehumanizing corporations, our medical system, legal system, et al.

The systemic racism and violence of Indigenous people must end. It was born in our shared history of the colonialism of Canada. It will only end when we get to the root problems of these racist institutions. E.g. the Indian act is racist and archaic yet it is still is the law that dictates the majority of First Nations people’s lives.

Plus, an inquiry will serve to give over control into the very hands of those who are the problem so they can sit on it some more and do nothing or create new policies that are empty talking heads to make people feel better.

Like the TRC – The govt can pretend to resolve the issue of the painful history of Indian Residential School and the majority of people believe in it and actually believe this will be some kind of resolution.

Yet this is the govt that withheld the necessary documents for the TRC to be able to complete their govt mandated report on the history of Indian Rez School. The Harper govt had to be sued by the TRC to get millions of documents released so they could complete their report.

The govt did finally release the documents recently, but only under SCOC (supreme court of Canada) order – they made sure to drag their feet and only do it last minute so there’s no time or man power to have people go through the many millions of documents in just a few months.

So yet again, the truth will be withheld. The truth will be fashioned to suit colonial rule. The TRC will assure us they did their best and that the report is accurate and comprehensive yet they themselves have said there is not enough time.

You can bet when the TRC releases their report – people will be outraged at what they learn happened in those schools but they will get over it quite soon as the majority of people will applaud the govt and naively believe they did all they had to do.

Meanwhile, only a fraction of the truth will be revealed – just the tip of the iceberg.

But all will be forgotten since people will finally have an excuse to no longer feel bad about our shared history.

We need new solutions to these very old issues at the root causes and not just more spin doctoring by the government.

Don’t let them control the truth and outcome of the #MMIWG like they have with the history of Indian Residential School.

I believe the government should create a fund for a grassroots initiative where the power is given to the people to resolve the issue, so we can be sure it involves honour, integrity and respect and a true focus on resolution.


cats matter more than MMIWG

Harper cares more about cats than 1200 missing murdered Indigenous women.


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  1. whatlauraknows
    Feb 13, 2015 @ 19:01:08

    Could not agree more with you. Though I never considered your view on the government co-opting the anger towards residential schools, but could totally see it now. Thank you, more less the government look into the history and interpret it through their institutions and then the issue becomes another book on the shelf. While the government goes down as a good guy overcoming a corrupt past. Brilliant!!!


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