You can learn something from every person you meet… #mindfulness

I believe that we can learn something from every person we meet.

It’s a choice as to whether or not we are open enough to allow it.

I am grateful for the myriad teachers I’ve met this earth walk.

Not all were a bucket or roses – Sometimes it’s our enemies that can be the greatest teachers, bringing the greatest lessons.

Again, it’s a choice. I choose to see opportunities in all life’s challenges and give thanks to Creator for them, and even if I don’t particularly enjoy them at the time, I still lay down tobacco in offering and gratitude because I know there is a lesson and a greater purpose. I pray to have awareness of these lessons and to learn from every experience.

If life were easy all the time and everyone was lovely, there wouldn’t be as much opportunity for growth.

I know I chose to incarnate to learn in life’s classroom and I pray to be an eternal student of life, learning until my last day on this precious planet.

ea person a teacher


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