My Lentil Soup #Recipe


This is one of my favourite soups that I make and this is a recipe I developed which is highly adjustable.

It’s healthy, hearty and filling with fiber and you can control the fat content.

Lentil Soup

-1 tetra pack Organic Chicken Stock

-1 to 2 cups Red Lentils (rinse them first)

-1 small bag of Baby Carrots

-few cloves of Garlic

-few sticks Celery

-quarter or a half an Onion

-one can stewed or diced Tomatoes

-Filtered Water (taste to see – fuller flavours develop later)

-a chunk of Ginger (remove at end)

-Himalayan Salt (to taste)

-Fresh Ground Pepper (to taste)

-Cumin (to taste)

-Lemon Juice (add at the end)

-Organic Raw Coconut Oil (add 1 tbsp at the very end)

I cook it for hours in the crock pot and then add the lemon juice and sometimes fresh parsley raw at the end, at the time of blending it up to a smooth consistency – but some people just cook it until the lentils are soft. I finish it with organic raw coconut oil mixed in manually and fresh ground pepper. Yummy!


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