I remember as a kid… #vss #poetry #mpy #herstory


I remember as a kid…


in a car

up a mountain

looking down at the city

like jewels of offering

on a plate of night


laying on the grass

looking up at clouds

wondering what would have happened

if I hadn’t been born


long, cold rainy nights

waiting in the car

outside the legion

time laughed wickedly

in unison with the drunks

at the windows


eating the best smoked fish


climbing tree branches

my ladder to freedom

like a dog at my feet

loyal to the acrid end

when I had to descend

and go back to

the homeless home


building dams in the creek

water spiders skated free

showing me I could be

minnows nibbled toes

water spoke to me

of a future



my dog


the land


these were the gossamer filaments

that held the childhood, helter-skelter world

of dark nights

and loose balloons



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