truth #poetry #vss


decades of elaborate artifice

attempts to save face

twisted lives

woven into lying vines

mouldering machinations

till truths blaze free

agreed upon truths

once exposed

that kick you in the gut

throw you across the room

secrets so hidden

they became a part of furniture

the ties run so deep

they’ll choke you in your sleep

if you dare to buy into

their packaged illusions

that keep you meek

power buried

to defeat

when you uncover the truths

it’ll pull the magic carpet out from under you

rip the steel wool from your eyes

knock you over

burn through your veins

laying claim

but it’ll not be in vain

truths that stun you

that beat into the frozen tundra of your chest

take your first breath

unconscious becomes reality

release the familial malady

starting to feel

truth; the blood in your veins

and now you finally know

your wisdom will continue to grow

and nothing they can ever do

will take away your truths

ever again

once and for all

it ends


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