Series of #Haiku on #TRC #HonourTheApology #IndianResidentialSchools #micropoetry #vss


exposing old truths

words long hidden; on paper

colonial crimes – public


truths written in blood

of those that never came home

may their souls find peace


many documents

honouring survivors’ truths

but millions held back


hear their voices; truths

indelibly imprinted

on hearts who read them


on hearts that hear them

hearts that feel their painful truths

honour survivors


may there be healing

honour these truths being shared now

know there are more truths


survivor prayers

when creator knows it’s time

more truths will be shared


thank you for your truths

peace/love to those that survived

and those that did not


may the cycle end

may minds be decolonized

may there be peace; love


©Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon

The above are a series of haiku I wrote on the TRC release of their report on the history of Indian Residential school abuse – I am an inter-generational survivor of these colonial institutions that created unfathomable trauma that is still being recovered from and healed from to this very day (last one closed in 1996).

Here are the reports and findings. Please note they are incomplete as the Harper government refused to release millions of documents until the very last minute (they had to be court ordered before they would release them and then dragged their feet). So the truth/fact is there wasn’t enough time or manpower for them to be fully documented and investigated. Therefore, more truths will come to light in time.

Feel free to share this link and/or this post far and wide, you can download them and learn the true history of Canada; the truth to date:

#haiku  #trc  #HonourTheApology  #IndianResidentialSchools #micropoetry  #vss


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