Feb 18 2018b #micropoetry


she wept by a window

in vague rays of a doubtful new moon

while questioning rain

tapped a tune on the window pane

patterning her future train

of thought

for all she’d fought

for all she’d sought

which came to naught

except the deafening pain



Feb 18 2018 #micropoetry


necromancing somnambulist

lives in shadow and starshine

in between awake and dreamtime

talks in tongues with the dead

avoiding wary insomniac bed

walks carefully in moon dust

quenching innate wanderlust

the heart #poetry


the deeper the pain

the greater the glory

because the heart is an organ

made of the vast expanse of life’s story

as deep as the ocean

as wide as the universe

each star of the cosmos

courses through its veins

encompassing all in love and in flames

if one meets themselves

in another soul selfsame

heart stones

Feb 14 2018b #haiku #micropoetry

his haunted heart

lone coyote howling in the distance

for her love

photo by Randall Young

coyote howl by Randall Young

Feb 14 2018 #micropoetry


people emerge from winter den

to stand in sun rays in awe again

of season change

and winter’s lonely

good bye song

Nov 8 2017 #micropoetry

par for the course

partial to the chorus

pie eyed horus

power to the horses

knowledge of choices

powwow of voices

pooling our resources

to all-powerful source

no pity or remorse

the future is ours


Nov 10 2017b #micropoetry

just before the sun

rises over the horizon

in an instant

grey somber forest

is startlingly transformed

into glowing sentinels of gold

in welcoming applause

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