drummed at the water #micropoetry


I drummed at the water

among watching trees

geese honking

crisp cold air

calling on the ancestors

giving thanks

praying for our world

may myriad stars #micropoetry


may myriad stars

kiss troubled brow

humming soothing lullabies

of night skies

assuring the sun will rise akin

new year’s coyotes #micropoetry


tonight I spoke with coyotes
in yelps and yips
up into crisp starred night sky
they felt my wild heart
mirroring theirs
and helped me let bygones go bye

exquisite honesty #micropoetry


exquisite honesty

births cacophony

of childless truths

across glowing screen

of internet stream

contrasting the sea of lies

and smarmy tries

indelible kisses #micropoetry


your indelible kisses

designed a decisive path

thirsty water

seeking satiety

over verdant mountains

hungry valleys

to rest in limpid pools of love

necromancing nebula #micropoetry


necromancing nebula

philosophers flow

arching archetype

escaping undertow

reality glitters

all is not gold

forgive them

they do not know

skulls of stones #micropoetry


skulls of stones

lay barren

strewn about

in winnowing winds

and wandering waters

asking forgiveness

longing to be loved


painting by Egon Schiele – mtn torrent 1918


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