dec 10 #micropoetry

red squirrel climbs down the tree

so fast it’s like its falling

reminds me of

when the ball drops

for new years

in times square

but faster



Oct 21 #micropoetry

tend the garden of stability inside

for outer storms will always come

and chaos will rule

but let inner calm

be your world

your home



Oct 2 #micropoetry

grandmother moon

so bright

even the darkness

seeks escape

Oct 11 #micropoetry

lay your weary head

upon barren lap

for tomorrow is another day

and life can change in an instant

if you choose to be here

for this possibility



Sept 3 #micropoetry

queen anne’s lace
so many displaced
praying to restore them
to a state of grace
#haiku  #micropoetry

queen annes lace


Oct 21 #micropoetry

always the constant call

to return to the earth

gravity of reality

my spirit

seeps within rocks

the bones of mother earth

on the long journey home

Nov 7 #micropoetry

suddenly someone sees you

the forgotten you

the real you

tears flow in rememberance

patterning landscape of grief

as pain swells in ocean waves

crashing onto vacant cliffs

of who you were

the you you hide from passerbys

the you inside

tucked in till even tide

when it’s time to roam free

over spirit seas

lost on ocean breeze

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