drummed at the water #micropoetry


I drummed at the water

among watching trees

geese honking

crisp cold air

calling on the ancestors

giving thanks

praying for our world


destruction of my sanctuary #poetry #vss


I stood last night at the devastation
at that place in nature
that is my sanctuary
that is my sanity
cranes, tractors, rolling machine
and a loud pump draining away all the water
canada geese honking dismay
clinging to mud puddles
fish suffocating to death
creatures terrorized
shuddering in cold wind
as their homes are destroyed
trees, bushes crushed
I laid down tobacco and prayed
the coyotes cried out
in unison with my tears
I never ever heard them like this before
it wasn’t howling
it wasn’t yipping
it was distinctly crying
thank you coyotes for vocalizing my pain

┬ęClear Wind Blows Over the Moon


Written Oct 4th, 2015

new year mantra #micropoetry #vss


when you’ve felt so much

there’s nothing left to feel

dug so deep

no more layers to peel

cried so much

not another tear left to fall

you’re a hollow vessel

ready for it all

love in myriad forms

life to live

new adventures

and so much to give

deep peace from within

becomes your core

suffering, never more

love is your wardrobe

and peace your breath

living life with new depth

spread awareness

joy and hope

all the way

each step




your mantra

every day


┬ęClear Wind Blows Over the Moon

Prayer for election day #vote #heavesteve #elxn42

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray harper’s out of office for keeps

for if he is elected anew

I don’t know what Indigenous will do


Mike Meyers says, “Don’t vote for Harper!”


Don’t buy into the terrorist fear mongering.

vote terror

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