exquisite honesty #micropoetry


exquisite honesty

births cacophony

of childless truths

across glowing screen

of internet stream

contrasting the sea of lies

and smarmy tries


Never Conform! :)


Never Conform!



Today I’m grateful for… #gratitude #mindfulness #prayer #healing


Today I’m grateful for the ho’oponopono prayer that has become my mantra. ❤ I say 4 times:

“I am sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you.”

Today I focused intently for about an hour saying it for the elite 1% that rule the world – I owned my part in this current negative world situation whether from some karma from a past life or otherwise.

I prayed for them and asked that they heal and that they realize how much their greed is negatively impacting the 99% of the planet and that they get help and learn to become present moment and reside in their hearts and perhaps maybe choose to share at least some small portion of their wealth so that all people can afford to eat good food, have a roof over their head, access to clean water, affordable medical care and education, etc… so the current world systems can heal and poverty ends.

I said the ho’oponopono and prayed for my people, First Nations and Indigenous living in third world conditions.

I said the ho’oponopono and prayers for the over 1,200 murdered and missing Indigenous women and their families – praying that they are at peace, that their families find peace and that the truth comes out about all of it.

I said the ho’oponopono for my abusers from my childhood and prayed for them to heal and not suffer and to stop abusing. I couldn’t get through the entire list as there were far too many but I did pray for the major ones… and I said it for any other relationships in my life that had hurt or any negativity.

For the Indian Residential school children and survivors and their families and for them to find peace and for the cycles of violence to end, and for the government to finally release the millions of documents on this, the true history of Canada that are still being held and preventing the full truth from being known.

I prayed for the millions of people that have no one to pray for them, those that are on their own and are feeling so alone and desperate and wanting to be off the planet – for them to feel my love and prayers for them and know they are never alone and that spirit and Creator supports them always.

I felt the release. I got up from bed and laid down my tobacco in prayers and gratitude for this day and for having everything I need in this moment, and for the Creator taking care of me and providing for me every day of my entire life.

❤ Peace to each and every one of you that reads this. ❤

waves of gratitude wash over me #poetry


waves of gratitude wash over me

heart releases what’s not to be

heart breathes in all that is

every moment

every breath a gift

a prayer of thanks


laid down tobacco

with water offerings

I stand here on land unceded

sacred tears wash away what’s not needed

prayers go up as I admire you, Grandmother moon

your smile shines down on mine

aligned between Mother Earth and Father Sky

I am in my power

within Creator’s power

a hollow bone

for Creator’s will

for the highest good

I am great-full

joy sings here in my chest

as love sent out comes home to nest

this moment is all I will ever have

this moment is all I will ever need

inner child in glee

I am free

I am at peace

I love you

I love me

I wish you free

I wish you love

I wish you peace

Nov 20th #micropoetry redux


threads of life
woven together
myriad textures of lived and unlived fabric
scene after scene
a shawl of memory’s embrace
worn into futures unknown

Haida honour their dead #poetry #shortstory MT = might trigger


watched a documentary on the Haida honouring their dead


saw how totem poles used to hold their bodies in bentwood boxes set in the head


then some white man came along


dishonoured their bones and stole them away


like most things the white man did


the Haida had no say


kicking around in dusty old museum drawers a hundred years later


when they should’ve been honoured so their spirits could go home to Creator


how they raised $100,000 to fly to Chicago to repatriate their ancestors’ bones


can you hear my moans


I cried to watch how they treated their dead


their dead


as sacred


where I come from


people were disrespected in life and in death


abused as they took their very last breath


the enormous guilt I carry


it weighs me down


why am I still here


while they’re in the ground


when can I stop trying to pretend


honesty and authenticity


a dying trend


if I could share my truth as part of every day


would the survivor guilt I carry


ever go away


sometimes I long


I long to go home


sometimes I long


I long to go home


©2012 Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon

*toned down version with words removed.

authenticity #mindfulness


Sometimes being authentic and risking sharing your most vulnerable self, can inadvertently give permission to another to do the same…

When you do, the heart connections spark, firing connections, weaving a beautiful tapestry of sharing and of life. ❤


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