Oct 21 #micropoetry

always the constant call

to return to the earth

gravity of reality

my spirit

seeps within rocks

the bones of mother earth

on the long journey home


Oct 30 #micropoetry

come home to the garden

of who you really are





Nov 7 #micropoetry

suddenly someone sees you

the forgotten you

the real you

tears flow in rememberance

patterning landscape of grief

as pain swells in ocean waves

crashing onto vacant cliffs

of who you were

the you you hide from passerbys

the you inside

tucked in till even tide

when it’s time to roam free

over spirit seas

lost on ocean breeze

winter maker (aka orion) #micropoetry


winter maker comes to my window
making himself known
mirroring stars in my eyes
proffering star essence
deep into these marrowless bones
that have long wandered this world alone
absorbing cosmic essence
assuaging eternal longing
securing belonging
as above
so below
image of Wesakaychak (Winter Maker) by Edwin Bighetti

Wesakaychakpointing by Edwin Bighetti

nov 10

I reside

in silences between each breath

between memories

between feelings

between rain drops

between resounding drum beats

between the drip of melting glaciers

seeping into the roots of mountains

between the thrum of this ancient heart

that is too big for this body

nov 11

freedom flight of swans

just after the dawn

fluttering of winged song

image by Tara Little-Pettifor

swans by Tara Little-Pettifor

nov 18

I witness you

out among heather along the moors

tangled in moss

and ancient tree roots

clinging to stone

in among the wandering oaks that no one sees

in whispering wind that speaks only to those that hear

when the earth has turned for its very last time

I will be here

image by Carlètto Del Monaco


by Carlètto Del Monaco

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