energy vampires #micropoetry

feb 9


energy vampires hang around

trying to keep you spellbound

but ignore their hooks

they’re no good crooks

trying to keep you engaged

run away



forgetting #micropoetry

feb 6


I sometimes forget knowing you

till all the day’s horses

and all the day’s men

fall out on the dinner table again

needing #micropoetry

feb 4


these pretty little things

absurd trifling things

if entwined together

with your hungry love

can breathe your life

into being

the road gets a suntan #micropoetry

feb 4


the road stretched out far behind

like legs getting a summer suntan

while before the wheels

only destruction and chaos


by at with no money twit

image by @withnomoney twitter

lone stars soul sonar #micropoetry

feb 4


the words

if spoken to oneself often enough

echo back

bouncing off of lone stars soul sonar

conjuring crystallizing

one into being

the stars #micropoetry

feb 4


no murmurations of starlings

nor a thousand sonnets

can sing the notes of unsung heroes

or melancholy heroines

the way the stars can

too late to live #micropoetry

feb 4


unlived moments

unspoken words

hung about her

like a faux fur

till she died

then they were buried with her

along with her hopes

and forgotten dreams

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