june 26d 2018 #haiku #micropoetry


the stillness embraced her

like a lover who just returned from the war


june 26c 2018 #vss #micropoetry


tiny tree works hard
to ripen berries quickly
before they’re all eaten
by chipmunk, squirrel, blackbirds,
robins, cedar waxwings,
all striving to balance
on weak branches
gently hopping far out
to try to reach
the choicest fruit
except catbird is wise
she first lands
chooses her target
then lifts off
nabbing the prize in flight
nom nom nom

june 26b 2018


they spoke of the things that didn’t matter

in order to avoid the things that did

June 26 2018 #micropoetry


the night

the night

drummed starry silences

into the cosmos of my being

those hungry places

you once haunted

leaving hallowed spaces

for another galaxy

to inhabit

June 20 2018 #micropoetry


tender are the evening winds

shamelessly sighing

and whispering your name

in my ear

gifting goosebumps

as I try to shake them off

planting your memory

under the weight

of a star laden night

another sister departs #poetry #vss

another sister departs
like forlorn flower petals
that float away
on wailing winds
with no name
and no home
leaving lone deserted branch
never to bloom again
as this glacial soldier
desperately tries to hold
the mountain of their memories together
bitter tears sear
melting them
running them
into the river
of no return

june 11 2018 #poetry


this starry night

cupid constellations

come down

tattooing silent skin

with cosmic whisperings

of moon song

and luminary lyrics

aligning this body

with the heavens

leaving me star crossed

with stellar scars

singing belonging

to my soul

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