tiny boxes #micropoetry

mar 5


they’ll question you

not from interest

but from insecurity

taking comfort in applying labels

trying to put you into their tiny boxes

but you’ll never fit



memories of greece #micropoetry

mar 5


they ask where you come from

& where you’re going

as if that’s all that matters

azure sky knows

and she’s not telling either

coffee inspirations #micropoetry

feb 25


many inspirations occur

over a morning cup of coffee

the dawn sighs with me now #micropoetry

feb 25


I’ve missed you so long

the night lets memories spill out

tracing outlines

on the pillow & quilt

and the dawn sighs with me now

coyotes scratching at my door #micropoetry

feb 25


the dreams

the words

are gone

all that remains

is the wind the rain

and coyotes

scratching at my door

will o the world #micropoetry

feb 18


wind blows

willow bends

in tireless tandem

with the will

of the world

wind #micropoetry

feb 18


the wind walks

through tall grasses

singing a lullaby

of hopes unknown

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