the path life takes can change if you choose to change it.




Feb 4 2018 #micropoetry


the grief took her by surprise

as it was when something good came into her life

and showed her

what she had spent a lifetime missing

Jan 1 2018 b #haiku #micropoetry #mindfulness #healing

underneath that most painful gash

lies the brightest light

and clearest path

Dec 30 #micropoetry



took me

to the still place within

sitting at the calm lake

with mountain backdrop

cherry blossom petals

gently snowing down

kisses on earth

each breath

bringing me deeper

into who

I really


perspective #mindfulness


It’s all in how you look at things. Bird’s eye view. Perspective.

Image of winter woods from the air by Francisco Silva.


the winter woods by Francisco Silva.jpg

death and birth #mindfulness


the subtle interplay and beauty of death and birth in the big picture.

Image by Marian H Jenkins

by marian jenkins3.jpg

waves of gratitude wash over me #poetry


waves of gratitude wash over me

heart releases what’s not to be

heart breathes in all that is

every moment

every breath a gift

a prayer of thanks


laid down tobacco

with water offerings

I stand here on land unceded

sacred tears wash away what’s not needed

prayers go up as I admire you, Grandmother moon

your smile shines down on mine

aligned between Mother Earth and Father Sky

I am in my power

within Creator’s power

a hollow bone

for Creator’s will

for the highest good

I am great-full

joy sings here in my chest

as love sent out comes home to nest

this moment is all I will ever have

this moment is all I will ever need

inner child in glee

I am free

I am at peace

I love you

I love me

I wish you free

I wish you love

I wish you peace

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