aug 19 #micropoetry photo by @withnomoney


sweet dreams dragons billow

shrouded amongst tempestuous clouds

she sang for her supper

but was tormented

by the tiny full moon



photo by @withnomoney

photo by atwithnomoney twit



astral spectre swims by

ephemeral winks of what once was on high

before wind dissipates

winter intimations of sound and sky


Image by Susie Wong (aka @withnomoney on twitter)

perspective #mindfulness


It’s all in how you look at things. Bird’s eye view. Perspective.

Image of winter woods from the air by Francisco Silva.


the winter woods by Francisco Silva.jpg

sad song of raindrops #micropoetry


flower petals fleetingly embrace
the sad song of raindrops
before they make their long journey home

Image by Gilen Linn


I dream in coastal rainforest green redux #micropoetry #vss


I dream in coastal rainforest green

lush moss carpeted scene

tasting salt air on my tongue

myriad secrets hidden from the sun


image via @dopescenery twitter


midnight fairies #micropoetry


midnight fairies dance

against this world’s black chaos canvas

as the envious cut off their noses

to spite the sprites


image by wongsusie aka @withnomoney on twitter


he lay down with the moon #micropoetry #haiku


he started to swoon

as he lay down with the moon

the day came too soon

image by Carolina Georgatou

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