july 3 2018 #micropoetry

I’m lost in a sea of your cherry blossom kisses

and I don’t want to be found.

1085 (33).jpg


flowerful play on words

it would be dandy (lion) if you would forget (me) not this bleeding heart #micropoetry


forget me not

May 1 2018 #micropoetry

tree branches
their language
teaching us
to speak in
nature’s tongue
in spite of
the city’s
busy song
tree patterns

Apr 29 2018 #micropoetry




as grandmother moon

looks on

geese patterning skies.jpg

aug 19 #micropoetry photo by @withnomoney


sweet dreams dragons billow

shrouded amongst tempestuous clouds

she sang for her supper

but was tormented

by the tiny full moon



photo by @withnomoney

photo by atwithnomoney twit


astral spectre swims by

ephemeral winks of what once was on high

before wind dissipates

winter intimations of sound and sky


Image by Susie Wong (aka @withnomoney on twitter)

perspective #mindfulness


It’s all in how you look at things. Bird’s eye view. Perspective.

Image of winter woods from the air by Francisco Silva.


the winter woods by Francisco Silva.jpg

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