Feb 18 2018b #micropoetry


she wept by a window

in vague rays of a doubtful new moon

while questioning rain

tapped a tune on the window pane

patterning her future train

of thought

for all she’d fought

for all she’d sought

which came to naught

except the deafening pain



the heart #poetry


the deeper the pain

the greater the glory

because the heart is an organ

made of the vast expanse of life’s story

as deep as the ocean

as wide as the universe

each star of the cosmos

courses through its veins

encompassing all in love and in flames

if one meets themselves

in another soul selfsame

heart stones

Feb 2b 2018 #micropoetry


I drown in your eyes

adrift on waves of desire

please do not rescue me

I only want to swim nigher



drink in

your eternal fire

Jan 24 2018 #micropoetry

human rights

echoes of places

once safe


no traces remain

but in few people

who once knew

now grasping

at hems

of skirts

of fading memories

that once were comfort


in this

tiny life

as dust

of comet tails



Jan 22 2018 #micropoetry


I speak in trees

and over distant suns

in a language all my own

forever free

shaping worlds

I am all encompassing air

of wandering winds

Jan 16 2018 #micropoetry



scattered in fragments

of distant past

and golden memories

like sunlight blooming

over the night air

clearing sorrowful mist

to when she was there

but then she was gone

into a faded mystery

of song

Jan 13 2018 #micropoetry


I dreamt the dream that dreamers dream

of seen and unseen

obscene scene after scene

till waves of sleep

washed the slate clean

and you were there in the end

grasping at shadows

on the cave walls

of your soul

longing to be whole

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