astral spectre swims by

ephemeral winks of what once was on high

before wind dissipates

winter intimations of sound and sky


Image by Susie Wong (aka @withnomoney on twitter)


exquisite honesty #micropoetry


exquisite honesty

births cacophony

of childless truths

across glowing screen

of internet stream

contrasting the sea of lies

and smarmy tries

skulls of stones #micropoetry


skulls of stones

lay barren

strewn about

in winnowing winds

and wandering waters

asking forgiveness

longing to be loved


painting by Egon Schiele – mtn torrent 1918


midnight fairies #micropoetry


midnight fairies dance

against this world’s black chaos canvas

as the envious cut off their noses

to spite the sprites


image by wongsusie aka @withnomoney on twitter


woodpecker #micropoetry #vss


woodpecker tattoos beats

to the heart of the tree

patterning bark art



starved cross lovers #micropoetry #vss


starved cross lovers

anger tucked in for one more night

their stories feed off of lonely sheets

never again to hang on fresh clotheslines


insomnia #micropoetry #vss


sleep mocks

taunting clock’s tick tocks

that can’t keep dream time

haunting siren of night

home in heavy sheets

listening to rem


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