swing and sway

the night away

in new moon beams

in spite of what seems

like major delays

bask in celestial rays

releasing all that weighs

more than you can carry

upside down

heal that heavy crown

rest it on starry throne

you’re not alone

you’re supported more

than you’ll ever know

Robert Gonsalves Array

Over the Moon image by Robert  via @Anne_Commozi


july 9 2018 #micropoetry #vss


stories unfold in greys and whites

and shades of light

blushing with sun kisses

of opium delight

and new moon wishes

for poppy sleeps at night

photo by lorraine lewis

poppy by lorraine lewis

july 6 2018 #micropoetry #vss


I kiss your lips

to silence the talking

because sometimes




july 5 2018 #micropoetry #vss

that fresh green smell
when I break the stem
off a hot house tomato
takes me from the store
to the farm garden
in a heartbeat
hot sun beating down
cool soil between my toes
sweet peas waving in the wind
bees buzzing
my dog patiently waiting
for me

july 3 2018 #micropoetry

I’m lost in a sea of your cherry blossom kisses

and I don’t want to be found.

1085 (33).jpg

june 29 2018 #micropoetry


tragic angel wings

broken along their seemless seams

discarded along with the trash

and cloying clarinets

no longer required reeding

these are a few

of my fervor-it things

June 29 2018 #mindfulness


you can push

and push

and push

and push

from all sides

and grind me down

till I’m nothing but dust

but the wind will come

and lift that dust up

and carry me Home

to the Creator

just as water

always goes





i feel so pushed

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