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feb 4 2021 #micropoetry #haiku


the stain of you

sheltering in remembrance

won’t leave this pure embrace

zoom #poetry


zoom away your day

this new way

hollywood-squares display

mute and unmute

the most common interplay


what’s that you say?

you were both speaking

there’s no delay

struggling to express

lonely stress

your life’s a mess

covid duress

thou doth protest

longing for human touch

in denial too much

seeking connection and meaning

longing for more than

yet another zoom meeting

10 min assignment #poetry


the rolling, the rolling

carrying out to sea

tang of salt on tongue

sand churning, grinding to dust

let it be

the wetness, the gladness

the power is badass

I weather storms

bring gentle calms

and rock sailors to sleep

roaring, lapping, laughing

each wave

a deep breath and release

warming, cooling, soothing lullabies

ruled by the moon in earth’s disguise

my essence collects in seashells

hold one to your ear

and hear me, feel me

the entire universe here in the palm of your hand

and memories of me linger in hidden grains of sand

© Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon

Compassionate Inquiry as taught by world-renowned trauma expert, Gabor Maté – weekly group support on Zoom #healing #online #supportgroup

We have been gathering online weekly since March and it is going well. You are welcome to join us Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. EST.


Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon


I am considering creating and hosting a C.I. (Compassionate Inquiry) group on Zoom.

It would be audio and chat – no video.

In the workshops I’d lead participants through a meditation in nature and then in creating a support network so that each participant is grounded and stabilized before we explore your feelings.

Then I’d lead the group in a Compassionate Inquiry into your feelings (emotional and/or physical).

Once the Compassionate Inquiry is completed there would be a Q & A in chat.

Sessions would be 40 minutes. If it goes well, I will be running this weekly so people can obtain regular support.

Compassionate Inquiry was taught to me by world-renowned trauma expert, Dr. Gabor Maté.

He taught me that authenticity is at the root of all healing and how having a compassionate witness providing guidance to keep you on track can help you to tap in to…

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we belong to a time with no time #poetry

Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon


just like when a seashell
is held to your ear
and you hear the ocean
when you’re held
to my chest
I feel the universe
stars explode
glacier’s tears
wash away
all that never mattered
our hearts beat in unison
to the rhythm
of mother earth’s heartbeats
and we belong
to a time
with no time

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winter maker (aka orion) #micropoetry

Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon

winter maker comes to my window
making himself known
mirroring stars in my eyes
proffering star essence
deep into these marrowless bones
that have long wandered this world alone
absorbing cosmic essence
assuaging eternal longing
securing belonging
as above
so below
image of Wesakaychak (Winter Maker) by Edwin Bighetti

Wesakaychakpointing by Edwin Bighetti

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forest of belonging #micropoetry


we hug

cheek to bark

our spirits dance

into a canopy of golden

praise, prayers and offerings

in shapes of maple leaves

my heart ascends

fluttering dancing

our trunks branches

swoon in unison

I join you

on bright winds

for a moment

in joyful rebellion

there in the forest

of belonging

maybe this will help someone #worldmentalhealthday #suicide

Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay. I struggled with suicidal thoughts most of my life but I was too scared to talk about it for risk of losing my rights being locked away and being force medicated.

Being drugged was something I experienced in childhood abuse and also as an adult being drugged by men who later sexually assaulted me.

When I did speak up about suicidal thoughts some medical professionals just ignored me which only exacerbated the really desperate feelings and contributed to wanting to even more.

But I always refused to take my life and I wouldn’t give myself permission to (as I believed I’d have to come back and do it all over again and there’s no way I will live through what I already lived through again).

When I did finally find safe people to talk with about suicide it suddenly shifted in a big way and the feelings to leave the planet became much less. It quickly became apparent suppressing the thoughts about suicide and keeping it secret was really fueling it.

Also, for me, I had to finally give myself permission that if it came right down to it and I really felt I had to, that I could choose to leave the planet.

Once I did this, I got clear it wasn’t about wanting to die as much as it was really about wanting to escape life circumstances and challenging feelings that felt unbearable.

So I am sharing this openly as it may help someone. Please know you are not alone. Please reach out until you find someone safe to speak to. ❤ It’s really important to be witnessed, to be heard and to have safe space held to express these feelings and thoughts in. It’s really important to not have someone judge and/or try to fix you. It’s really important to honour the feelings and to give them space and expression.

Being present with another person’s pain is what’s needed and the reality is the majority of people just really don’t have this capacity. I do and that’s why I do this work now. I offer Compassionate Inquiry sessions one on one.

I really feel our new world we are all creating needs to include safe spaces for people facing suicidal thoughts to be able to share openly and to be supported and educated about options and to really have a structure in place to walk it all through without fear of being locked up, being force medicated, losing one’s rights, etc.

Suicide needs to be decriminalized so people aren’t acting out of desperation alone. It needs to be embraced and people need to be supported rather than them taking dangerous steps that may not result in ending their life after all and may instead cause even greater issues.

Everyone has the right to die with dignity. ❤ Death is sacred. I do believe if we did the above there would be a lot less suicides. I am so glad I chose to stick around as life is definitely worth living.

the world hates me #poetry

the world hates me

but I came to help

I came with gifts

to give you all opporunities

to get clear on what’s important

to go within

to know yourselves

to connect to your inner gifts

and share them with the world

yes along with me comes death

but those deaths are not in vain

I raise awareness

to the injustices


the inhumanity

to all of the suffering

I expose the ugliness of people

I reveal

beauty in others

norms that was never normal

so others can feel the pain

so others can feel what it’s like to go without

to not be able to get what they want

for a change

a new experience for the 1%

I help people to connect to their mother

the earth

to their food chain

so they can garden

and have some security

and learn the current systems don’t work

yes it’s sad some can’t pay the rent now

and others are starving

and many feel so terribly alone

it’s heartbreaking many must die alone

but this was already the norm for many

but now more can see it

now more can’t unsee it

now is the time for change

we can’t continue on this way

so I am hated

for doing what needs to be done

the old world

colonial systems

and unhealthy ways of being

all need to die

to clear the way

for a better one

all life needs honouring

our planet needs respect

and safe keeping

I don’t enjoy taking lives

I don’t want to keep people apart

those that choose to respect me

choose to do what’s safer

those that connect to their hearts

are making the best choices

please know

in the long run

without me there’d be way more deaths

way more suffering

way more pain

way more racism

way more injustice

and the destruction of our planet

so I am one way

to try to make changes now

while we still can

because soon

there won’t be any turning back

but right now

there’s still time

time to choose the red road

the path of honouring all life

the path of love

the path of your spirit

to save our planet

but the prophecies say

one day that door will close

and we will no longer have the choice

so please choose now

while you still can


gifts of the pandemic #covid

gentle reminder we are all creating a new world so please keep this foremost in your mind when going about your day and in the decisions you make and in the actions you take or don’t take. the gift of this pandemic is present for us to harness these energies and especially since the injustices and inequalities that are finally being seen, can’t be unseen.

please join me in creating a better world praying and/or intending what you want this new world to be. the veil is thinning as we are remembering who we really are.

we come into this earthwalk needing to forget we are – a limitless spirit of the light that lives forever – in order to learn what we need to learn here. but the choice to remember is always present to us.

the option to go inwards and get present is always available to us – as everything you need is within you. as you remember and heal, so do others – microcosm/macrocosm.

as you envision the new world and other do as well, it becomes reality.

see thru oak leaves sunset


this is my third colouring project using a print of the beautiful art of the talented Indigenous artist, Christ Belcourt. it was a lot of fun. 🙂

colouring third one - art by christi belcourt

may 16 2020

how I love the clouds of father sky and how much information they bring me.

clouds adj

twin red cedars of my youth #poetry #vss


twin red cedars of my youth
how you housed my fears
and what little innocence I had left
you gave me shelter
you took me on journeys
a ladder to freedom
high into father sky
taller than the house
gifting me a giant’s view
I’d braid your bark
into a warrior shield
you enabled me to escape
the homeless home
for a time
I’d weave myself
in and out of your branches
in a temporary dance of freedom
above below in between
embraced in amongst your strong arms
my body protected
we’d play house under you
we had privacy there too
I was sad I had to leave you both
when we moved away
gratitude, red cedars of my youth

The wild animals are returning


So they say wild animals are returning to cities all over the world…

Meanwhile… in Middle Earth. 😂🤣😆

dolphins have returned to italy meanwhile in middle earth

may 4 2020 #micropoetry


vast; father sky expands above you

stunning beauty of expressive clouds

painted by great masters

pulls you into the present moment so fully

feeling the aching juxtaposition of your body relaxing

more than it has in a very long time

as tears flow, your heart may burst

from undeniable validation and support

Envision the New World you want to see after this is over


I wrote this “The ideal world” way back on May 2, 2013 and it’s interesting as we go through this lockdown and I do ceremony and pray regularly that this is pretty much what I have been praying about for our new world.
This now feels even stronger than ever as this pandemic has exposed the inequalities that many turned a blind eye to and so no one can stay in denial anymore and there’s this enormous opportunity for us all to envision what we want in the new world when this is all done.
The ideal world I see is one where people live in harmony – which each other and all creatures, honouring the earth, honouring each other.
A place where people openly care for one another and don’t hesitate to show it… and all are supported in the community regardless.
A place where all people have access to the basics of life – safe, clean, good water and healthy safe non-gmo food, safe good raw dairy, safe clean air, good, affordable housing… and access to a good affordable or free education.
A world where there is acceptance and tolerance and all people are free to express who they are, however they want to… in myriad forms of creative self expression.
A world where there is no such thing as war or abuse – no verbal, mental, emotional, spiritual, ritual or sexual abuse.
A world where people don’t value money and appearance as being so important. Where people are real and don’t wear masks and/or play games.
Where religion is moot. Where no one even thinks to see the colour of a person’s skin. A world wherein all people are celebrated for who they are; our differences and our diversity embraced and valued for keeping life interesting, our world varied, and recognizing that honouring everyone’s inherent gifts and sharing them with the world, makes us stronger.
A world where people grow old holding on to a beginner’s mind – always open to learning and carrying the wisdom that each person on the planet has something unique that only they can teach and share and being open to learning from one another.
A world like this to me… would be bringing the concept of heaven on earth, into being. If I lived in this kind of world, I wouldn’t often feel the longing to go home to spirit… to the oneness of creation… to my pure self… as I do now.
I’d already be living out my soul purpose, living in my spirit self every day, enjoying and acknowledging the pure spirit self of my fellow human beings too… as we celebrate life and beingness; the gift of living in a body and all that offers us, each and every day together… honouring mother earth and enjoying nature and the precious sacredness that this life is.
I am happy to say seven years later I do feel I am living my soul purpose now more than ever before in the healing work I do, the circles I host and the Compassionate Inquiry counselling I offer.
Also, I don’t long to go Home to Creator as much as I did most of my life but if we go back to the old world that was called normal but was anything but, I definitely don’t see myself in that world so something big will be changing and if that’s me passing then so be it.

apr 24 2020 #poetry


looking out over lake ontario
drum beats reflect the heart
swan flies east
neck outstretched
time travel
back to AST
waves of feeling
crash on shore
ocean like
I ache for the pacific
the land that wants me
the land that claims me
the land that repatriates me
raven calling me home

I love birds


tonight I’d a new experience with two robins and a northern cardinal pair that were in a cedar tree. the winds were so strong they all tucked in amongst the branches so I serenaded them for a change 💓 whistling the girl from ipanema to soothe them as they sheltered from the storm. 🙂

Michael Redhead Champagne LIVE on Facebook & Instagram March 30 – April 3, 2020

Michael Champagne is a great person that I love – you will definitely want to check him out! 😎 


via Michael Redhead Champagne LIVE on Facebook & Instagram March 30 – April 3, 2020


What defines a sad song…

listening to music and how much it can lift the spirit and also move me. ❤

Clear Wind Blows Over the Moon


How do you define a sad song – What is it that makes a song sad for you?

Is it because it moves you to tears… is it because it reminds you of a life event that was happening when you first heard the song… is it because the song is part of the soundtrack for a sad movie you saw… does it remind you of a special person or place… is it the lyrics… the tune… the instruments… that it is relatable?

Is it the story of the musician who took his life after writing it… the history of the song that you hear in an interview that makes it sad to you..? Does it remind you of some loss you‘ve experienced – a loved one, a relationship, a time of life, etc? Is it strictly a feeling? Is it indescribable?

Is it sad because it reminds you…

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mar 22 2020 part 2 #poetry #newwaysofbeing #newlife #empowerment #mindfulness #healing


Part 2 to my poem I posted below on Mar 22:

staying frozen in F.E.A.R
Future Events Appear Real
what’s the deal
social media’s unreal
what you focus on and feed
becomes a deep demanding need
we’ve got everything we need inside us
it takes trust and belief to provide for us
you’ve got everything you need inside you
take time to be with the truth of you
stop running way, numbing and hiding
now is the time for reality and presiding
over who you are and who you want to be
now is the time to restore us
to create what we want before us
all of what we ever dreamed of
hope and belonging
for our deepest soul longing
honouring of all life
freedom from all strife
blessings from above
radical acceptance
unconditional love life sentence
given to us every day
the beauty and support of nature
in every way
meditate to get to you
embracing the ultimate truth
of who you are
you’re going to go far
in this new world
cant you see
this is how it always was meant to be

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